I was really excited to hear Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame tell his homies on Hot 107.9 last week to come out to voteinthehood.org because according to CNN, "Lower income people tend to be less politically informed, so people have long argued that maybe it's just as well that they don't vote," said Andrew Gelman, a professor of statistics and political science at Columbia University. Bottom line is the rich vote more.  This is one of the reasons why I named this organization Vote In The Hood because lower-income communities need to know their vote is just as important as "the rich," probably more important. Education, healthcare, jobs, crime, war, I could go on and on.  Everything that affects the hood in a good and a bad way starts with voting.  Don't let politics intimidate you.  If you need more money in your pocket; if you're afraid you might be homeless in the next 5 years; if your food stamps aren't enough or you know of someone battling cancer without health insurance; REGISTER TO VOTE-nationally and locally.  The hood, more than ever, is needed to stand up like they stand up for everything else. Rap artist Dillon Saks aka Dolla Boy of Duffle Bag Boyz Entertainment is also encouraging his College Park neighborhood to come out, especially ex-felons who should register to vote as well.  If you're in the Atlanta area, register to vote 9/28/12 2-6pm est on 4855 Old National in College Park, GA.  The venue is The Palace and Hot 107.9 will be on site too.  Hope to see you then. Portia